Little Government Relations, LLC

Kansas Government Relations Consulting and Lobbying

Little Government Relations provides personalized and specialized government relations services for businesses, organizations, and associations with public policy issues in the State of Kansas.

Little Government Relations was founded in 2001 when owner Stuart J. Little, Ph.D. established an independent government relations lobbying practice. Little Government Relations has a client base of thoughtful businesses, groups, and organizations seeking respected government relations services. Little Government Relations is a nonpartisan lobbying firm with allies in all the political parties in Kansas.

The unique strength of Little Government Relations lies in Stuart J. Little’s experience as a key professional, non-partisan staff member serving both political parties in the Kansas Legislature for five years. After serving as senior staff for the House Appropriations and Senate Ways and Means committees – the powerful budget and funding committees – Little took his solid reputation for sound budget and policy analysis to offer representation to clients with compelling public policy issues in Kansas.

Three key aspects of Little Government Relations will benefit your organization’s needs with the Kansas Legislature and Kansas government: unmatched “insider” political experience working as non-partisan staff to the Legislature; communication skills developed working for legislators; and personal and direct client contact and communication to fit your needs. These skills are available to your organization no matter the scale and scope of your public policy needs because our select group of clients --no matter their size-- receives personal attention and a vigorous advocate.

Little Government Relations’ primary areas of practice include general legislative issues, appropriations, and specialized areas of business, education, social services, utilities, and public safety. Clients receive unmatched service with integrity in Kansas.